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Whale Watching

During the winter months off the east coast of Australia you can witness an amazing spectacle. Humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) which are found in oceans and seas world wide, typically migrate up to 25 000 kms each year. They migrate from their feeding grounds in polar waters toward  tropical and subtropical waters to give birth. This results in large numbers of them moving northward off the eastern and western coastlines of Australia typically between May - August, then returning southward from September through to November. Today these iconic species are valued far more alive since the cessation of whaling, and thankfully numbers are making a steady recovery. You can typically view Humpbacks off Mission Beach from late June through to September. During the season we have also viewed pods of Short Finned Pilot Whales (Globicephal macrorhynchus), and various species of dolphin.

 There are strict guidelines for whale and dolphin viewing in Australia to minimise impacts on the various species, although sometimes a closer look is possible when curoius whales approach a vessel.  We take a maximum  of 6 people at a time, and our vessel Brahminy has open sides to allow for optimum viewing. If you wish to avoid the crowds for this wonderful experience, we are the boat operation for you!

Three Hour Charter

Includes: Bottled water.

Cost Per Person:  $75 (includes GST & Environmental Management Charges)

Maximum Capacity: 6 persons

Bec and Jason of Mission Beach Charters wish to acknowledge and thank Russell, Sara, Gary and Linda for donating their  amazing whale photos for website use - you can see more on our Mission Beach Charters Facebook Page!

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Click on the button below to view some footage of a curious whale that Jason our skipper took on 14 July 2012

              Humpback Whale Video

* Please note there are no toilet facilities aboard 'Brahminy'.






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